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bill: hey, thank you guys and good morning, america! as we close out the summer, getting america back to work, the labor day theme for the white house in a big way, president obama kicking off an economic offensive with a trip to milwaukee, we've just learned he will focus on the nation's infrastructure, calling for a $50 billion plan to fix your road and your railways, and your airports. and that's just the beginning. we labor together on this labor day. i'm bill hemmer, how you doing julia? >> juliet: juliet issuedy, in for martha maccallum. it's sunny outside but sunny to be here with you, bill! bill: thank you. juliet: jobs are at stake,
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and helping democrats get theirs in the election weeks away. bill: look at this poll we found, the newest fox news polling showing a whopping 93 percent of americans are concerned about the state of the economy. john fund is with the "wall street journal," good morning to you on a monday here. what is the $50 billion in roads and airports, what's that all about? >> well, it's about what the stimulus didn't deliver. you know, the secret of the stimulus was in the end, only 3 1/2% of it went to infrastructure projects, roads and bridges. there weren't as many shovel-ready projects as we told there were. most of the country from the government went to make sure they didn't lay off state and local public employees, so now the president is coming back with part two and part two is supposedly to build this stuff we didn't build in the first stimulus. the problem with that is it's not going to kick in for at least 18 months or two years, because that's how long government takes to do those kind of contracts so it's not going to help the democrats this november
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and it's marginal whether it helps the year 2012. bill: in your view is this throwing something -- throwing something against the wall 60 days before the midterm or is this a chance to pass something with congress? >> we clearly have invested in infrastructure. it would help if we didn't have davis makon laws. clearly we have been spending money on transfer payments, welfare, corporate an otherwise and we've neglected our nation's basic needs. bill: here are the specifics from the white house, that we'll hear from later today, we build 150,000 miles of roads, construct and maintain 4000 miles of railway across the country, good enough to go coast to ghost, run ways, rehab 100 miles of run way at airports across the nation. that is one idea. the other big idea that hears to have bipartisan port is give the companies in america a tax break for more research and development. do you like that idea? >> sure. bill: is it enough? >> my problem with that is
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it's always called temporary, and every few years the politicians want to take credit for bringing back something popular and necessary like the r & d cred i why don't we just make it permanent for a change so we don't have to have to debate all the time? >> bill: why isn't it permanent? >> because politicians want to take credit for it. every time they're in trouble on the economy they can pull this out of their hat and see we're doing this for business, something shinily, the r & d tax credit. bill: the president said he would make it permanent. >> bomb is doing the right thing because i'm worried that congress won't do it because they always like to pull it out of their bag of tricks. bill: john fund, from the wall street journal, enjoy your labor day, my friend! thank you. all right. we want to know what you think. go to"america's newsroom", our question today, how concerned are you about your family's economic outlook in the upcoming year? very concerned, somewhat concerned, not concerned at all. remember the poll we just showed you, well over 90 percent on our fox
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polling showed us that. we'll see whether or not we match up those results with our poll later today. results later today. juliet: incumbents in congress are fighting for their political lives in november's mid-term elections as most americans give lawmakers a thumbs down. this is a fox news opinion dynamic poll showing 70 percent of voters disapprove of the job congress is doing, 70 percent, senate majority leader harry reid among those locked in a tight race it shows sharron angle, with 45 percent of the poll, reid has seen his number creep up from from 39 while angle's decreased. bill: challengers say come to the border and see how bad the border security situation has come out. mccain pointing out that 28,000 mexican citizens have already been killed in the
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drug war in mexico. he says president obama is ignoring how serious a threat this is now to u.s. security. here he is with chris wallace. >> verse eve -- we've got to get our border secured and anybody who doesn't think so, come to southern arizona and visit the southern part of my state. i'd love the president to come and visit the border. unfortunately he hasn't had time to do so and the people who live in the southern part of my state do not have a secure environment, to wit, there are signs that the government put up that say warning, you are in a drug smuggling area, and a human smuggling area. bill: so far, 24 hours later, the white house not responding yet to senator mccain's invitation. we'll let you know how that comes out. rsvp, juliet. juliet: thank you very much, bill. american troops in iraq in a gun battle days after the u.s. official will ended its tour there. take a look, it was taken during the attack.
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juliet: iraqi officials say the attackers first set off a car ball and tried to storm the iraqi military headquarters in baghdad yesterday. the fighting killed 12 people, injuring dozens of others. this comes just days after president obama declared the official end to u.s. combat operations in iraq. but there are still almost 50,000 u.s. troops there. will they all be pulled out -- excuse me, they will all be pulled out of iraq by 2012. earl was kind of lame, i mean, that was good, he didn't really do any damage, but there's a new tropical storm warning issued for the coast of southern texas, this storm is gaining strength overnight, form going what's being called hermine, packing winds of 45-miles an hour, headed towards the border cents of texas and mexico. janice dean has it for us in the fox weather center. what do you think about this one? >> >> reporter: its name is hermine, do you think it's going to do a lot of
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damage? juliet: you never know. >> reporter: actually, the storm last week that we were talking about, that actually did a lot of damage through parts of atlantic canada. earl was the name, i'm president, i can't even remember my name, so i apologize. i didn't remember earl's name. bill: you remember janice! >> reporter: i have stuff written down, folks, it's all out the window. hermine formed overnight last night. i was hoping for an easy day in the weather center, not so much, guys. hermine, 45-mile per hour sustained winds. that's a tropical storm. we think hermine could reach 60 miles per hour as it makes landfall over night tonight on the border of mexico and texas and the legacy of this storm is going to be heavy rain. so yeah, we could see potential damage from this storm. just want to show you off shore winds, anywhere from 20-25 miles per hour, outer bands, already coming on shore for much of the coast of texas. so guys, we're going to be dealing with a tropical
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storm, unfort hrerbgs for your labor day and into tomorrow. you can see some of that rain moving into corpus christi, all the way up towards houston, and let's take a -- take a look at where we're going to see flooding, potential 2- 2-5 inches, isolated, 5-10 inches, so that could cause mudslides in the mountain areas. there's the path for hermine, not expecting it to become a hurricane but a formidable tropical storm within the next 24 hours, so tropical storm warnings are issued for the coast of texas and parts of the coast of mexico. juliet: back up, hold on a second. you're pregnant? >> reporter: you didn't know? juliet: no, we'll deal with this after the show. bill: eating for two again! juliet: i was going to say, she looked like a pig in the green room, shoving it all in! >> bill: we have to watch that storm, a lot of wind, actually. we were talking friday night, saturday was a crazy
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day. brilliant sunshine. the wind kept on coming. juliet: were you in the hamptons? bill: you okay with that? >> juliet: i have the shore! bill: the winds can make people crazy, and saturday was a little wacky. juliet: what happened? bill: people running around. juliet: why don't you treat that with something! we have a story here. bill: as the vice president said when health care reform passed, this is a big blanking deal, folks. but apparently democrats running for office don't think so because they're not bringing it up. now, why is that in a campaign that's two months away? juliet: is this american flag making students feel uncomfortable? that's what it student has been told. >> it really is frustrating, because i mean, i don't see the reason. this is america, we have the right to put up what we want. juliet: why the school says he's been asked to take down the flag, our american flag.
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juliet: welcome back. former british prime minister tony blair has hinted he might be canceling a book signing in london because of the protests it might ignite. this follows clashes in dublin this weekend where antiprotestors -- antiwar protestors hurled books and shoes at him. it got pretty crazy. he says the upcoming event to promote his memoir may cost unnecessary work for police. bill: he was one of the biggest victors of the obama administration and in the democratic-controlled congress so where is the talk about health care reform? the only democrats that seem to be making health care an election issue are the ones who voted against it. why is that? byron york, political correspondent for the washington examiner and fox news contributor. good morning to you. i saw this in on sunday, you were writing about it a few weeks ago. >> this is something that's been going on for quite a while. go back to april. health care had just passed, president obama goes to a
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democratic fund-raiser in florida, and he says for all those people who are talking about repealing this thing, my attitude is go for it, we'll have that fight. fast forward to today, it's not the fight that democrats want to have. the reason is, the expected turnaround in the polls that they wanted to to see about health care hasn't hald -- happened, real clear politics, an average of polls, a whole bunch of polls, 52 percent of americans against the health care bill, 39 percent in favor. hasn't turned around. bill: party officials in washington, i'm reading from the article of politico, cannot identify a single house member who's running an ad boasting of a yes vote, despite the fact that 219 house democrats voted in favor of final passage in march. what's wrong, byron? >> 219, 34 voted against it. one of the reasons is not too long ago, a number of top democratic strategists did a huge project, they conducted polls, they did a lot of focus groups, and the question was how best to sell this, because look, this was the democratic party's signature
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achievement. remember they had john dingell gavel the vote to a close to symbolize his father had tried to pass health care many, many years ago, to symbolize it had been the democratic goal for generations. anyway, they do this focus group and they come out and tell candidates don't make grand claims, promise to improve the law, and above all, don't claim that it will reduce cost and cut the decifit, and that was really their number one for doing it. bill: back to the point you made in your first answer, is that they had said, those who supported it, it went -- once the american people figured it out and understanded it, they would warm up to it. we have a poll, i think it pretty much runs along party lines who is favorable and unfavorable. 45 percent say they have still an unfavorable view of health care. take a few of these democrats running for election, glenn nye out of virginia says it costs too much, stephanie sandler out of -- she was it was not right for south dakota, jason altmeier,
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pennsylvania, the pittsburgh area, the quote says he's not afraid to stand up to the president, and nancy pelosi. that's pretty -- >> yeah, these are people who voted against it. and remember, a democratic victory, they were very happy about a special election in pennsylvania's 12th district was won by a democrat who ran against health care. so this is not something that they're bragging about, and remember, this was something they portrayed as the achievement of a generation. bill: why are they not bragging? >> because you -- >> because you have to go back to april, when the last time you found anyone -- we've been talking a lot about the house so far. but whether it's house democrats or senate democrats, april and hay reid was the last ad you saw on a campaign. >> right. remember the plan was the major parts of obamacare don't go into effect until 2014, the plan was to talk about the aspects of it that do go into effect, like
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stopping -- cutting out people with preexisting conditions, ending caps on lifetime coverage. these were supposed to be the selling points. and yet, somehow the public has connected those with this growth of government, out of control spending, and a lot of republican themes. republicans really seem to have outmaneuvered the democrats in this message war over health care. bill: byron, thank you for coming in, enjoy your holiday. byron york out of washington for us today. got a question about this or something else on your mind, fox"america's newsroom" on the bya folder there, click on the box, leave your question or shoot me an e-mail, hemmer at, we're also on twitter at bill hemmer, one line, because you asked, bya, health care, pick your poison. juliet: so many ways to get in touch with you! it's wonderful, the technology today. the warnings are out, you need to know these warnings to protect yourselves against the dangerous flu.
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are health officials prepared? we'll take a look at that. bill: a new twist in the fat cat pay scandal, it turns out a city official busted for making more than the president is getting a hefty pension for life. wait until you hear how much he's cashing in and whether or not that's going to sit well with folks around that. juliet: probably not. she doesn't look happy. bill: give them a microphone!
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bill: central oklahoma apparently is still trem bling, a series of small earthquakes shaking residents 30 miles outside of oklahoma city for the second time in less than a week now. six minor quakes recorded in a single day. they range from 1.8 magnitude to 3.1, no injury no, damage reported so far. but we're watching that
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story. juliet. juliet: bill, pay attention, new warnings out today concerning your health, not specifically his but everybody's health. a leading virus expert now saying even though the recent swine flu pandemic was less deadly than expected we cannot get complacent. the next suspected bird flu could be around the corner and may spark an outbreak. how can we afraid this strain? we'll get into all of this with sunaro cooper. so all in all, the swine flu was a bust. in a good ray. that's a good thing. >> right. that is a good thing. the death rate that they had projected certainly didn't come around which is great. it turned out the seasonal flu turned out to be more deadly than what we anticipated from the h1n1 flu, and because of that, people are a little bit complacent this year about whether or not they should run out and get vaccinations. what we're seeing this time, though, so many more people need to be get vaccinated
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than we would normally recommend. juliet: why? >> because what we found with the swine flu or the h1n1 last year with the people affected with the virus was between nine ages of 18-59 -- 59, which is usually a group that's safe from the seasonal flu, so this year we want to encourage everybody to get vaccinated, except for children under six months of age and of course, people with egg allergies who have to use a different means of getting vaccinated. juliet: was there any politics going on behind the scenes with that swine flu? the warnings seemed so dire and so scary and now there is criticism maybe they were pushing the pharmaceutical companies and boosting them up. which really, they kind of knew what they were doing. >> the world health organization got criticized for doing that and a lot of people felt they were feeding the pocket of the pharmaceutical companies because the pharmaceutical companies did make a lot of money from the swine flu vaccinations but they were between a rock and a hard place because if they didn't have the tree on -- tremendous warnings people would have said why did you let this happen, so it was a
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difficult time, they gave their best estimate, they looked at the worst and were hoping for the best and they got the best. juliet: we always hear about mutations from the flu viruses. what does that mean exactly and how does that affect what's going to be happening over the next six months or so? >> viruses evolve all the tile and every year you need to get vaccinated. if you were vaccinated with the h1n1 through, you need to get vaccinated this year and you may still need to have two vaccination, especially children, to boost them again because it's a different group of viral strains in the vaccinations this year and the bird's flu, the h5n3 that we're evacuate -- vaccinating for is different than before. >> every time flu season comes up people say if i get the vaccine, i always get the flu or i always end up feeling sick for the next couple of days. is this psycho somatic or what's the story? >> i hate to say it's psycho somatic but in reality you don't get sick from the flu virus. what happens is once you get
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injected your immune system kick necessary to build antibodies. that's how they work. so having your immune system kick in is going to make you feel dragged or a little drowsy, not quite yourself, but that will wear off in about two days' time. juliet: so you're not sick, people! you're not sick. >> not sick. juliet: i'm sure we're going to be talking to you about this, over what, the next three, four-months. >> no problem. bill: it's just the pollen! >> thank you. thank you. bill: 25 minutes past now. there's a new threat exposed to the u.s. forces on the front lines in afghanistan. a new report's chilling claims about who may be bankrolling attacks against our troops on the ground. coming up, alsoo zero. >> juliet: teams facing controversy -- a teen facing trouble for displaying a flag on his truck. we'll tell you about that. >> ♪ >> ♪ ain't that america. >> ♪ >> ♪
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bill: top stories, 9:30 in new york on a labor day, north korean ruling communist party members now gathering ahead for the largest grouping -- meeting
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in years, kim jung-il using that meeting to give power to one of his sons this, after a secret meeting two weeks ago. facing charges after an ap he felt and tiger escape from cages. that will make a headline. investigators say it started when the ape got loose and started honking the tiring. juliet, 9:30. juliet: thank you. u.s. troops in afghanistan reportedly facing a new threat on the battlefield. the british newspaper the sunday times reporting iran is paying the taliban to kill u.s. soldiers. iran. the sunday times is owned by fox news parent newscorp. it reports -- army lieutenant colonel tony schafer is with the center for advanced studies and is here on this labor day and we appreciate it. >> thank you julia. juliet: the times received this information from afghan intelligence people, officials, as well as taliban sources. first of all do you feel this is hreblgit? >> unfortunately, i think it's absolutely legit.
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there's two things we have to remember here. this is traditional proxy warfare, the iran aves had designs on having the ability to influence things throughout the entire reason. we saw this in iraq as well. and frankly, my second point is we've known about this for a long time. i faced this directly back when i was deployed there in 2003. we knew then the iranians were then trying to stir up trouble. we'll be talking about this in my book coming up, "operation dark heart" where we actually had to deal with this back as early as 2003 and what's more difficult now, juliet, is the fact that they're using the financial system, essentially using the chaos, which is, you know, in their best interests to hide things within. it's very difficult to detect when they start using cover companies and things they're doing now. it's a much greater challenge now. juliet: explain that a little bit. it's sort of relying on the corruption within the afghan government, as well as the chaos within the banking system. explain exactly how it's
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working. >> well, what you've got is multiple countries coming in with aid for afghanistan, which is the right thing do, you have the indians and their interest, they helped build a power plant last year, the pakistanis and obviously you have the iranians and within the context of trying to help, you obviously have the opportunity to be very insidious and hide your covert action, covert activities within that system, and i think that's what makes this even more difficult to detect and monitor, and frankly, it's going to be something the law enforcement side of the house and the afghan government has to take this very seriously. the law enforcement side, to actually tkpwhoe and try to identify and detect it. this is not simply a military operation, stopping people coming across the border to do harm. this is much more difficult to detect, because you have proxies, individuals, and then they can change it instantly and go to different companies. that's why it's so difficult to actually stop. juliet: if these details are correct they're frightening because they provide a serious incentive to these taliban soldiers to kill.
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$1000 is reportedly being given to soldiers who kill a u.s. serviceman or woman, $6000 for blowing up a vehicle. i mean, again, the incentive is there. >> and they will continue to do that. when i was there, we had -- frankly, we had -- that's where rewards were on our head, had we been captured by the taliban, too, and this is no different. i think we need to focus on is the fact that it's happening right now, that we need to take this very seriously as a threat. it's very clear that the iranians are going to do very little to help us stabilize afghanistan, at least in the current duration. i'll not saying our current policy is correct. i've been highly critical of our policy, but the fact is this, if we're going to stick with the current policy, no matter how we do it, we've got to take the iranian issues here as a very serious threat to the overall stability of afghanistan for the long term. juliet: and deal with them
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in what way? >> well, there's two pieces of t you've got to look at seriously -- you've got to let them know that their effort is not welcome and we will take action to stop it, and that may mean covert action, we've talked about this before as a potential means. clearly, the administration currently is want to go put diplomatic pressure on them. i don't think president obama's speech which some have called the throw in the towel speech last week really helped much. i think we have to be much more clear in our interest in the region, not to say that we're going to be there in mass, having thousands of troops in combat but our national interests are to help establish a central government or a central element of the afghan government, so they can run the country without influence or interference from the folks on the outside of the borders such as iran or the pakistani the. juliet: on that note we've got to wrap it up, lieutenant colonel tony schafer, appreciate it, enjoy your labor day. bill: whaoeup you were
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talking there, a fox news alert from overseas out of pakistan now, we're getting reports of a suspected u.s. missile strike, killing three alleged militants in north waziristan on the map there, that's right up against the border with afghanistan. a southern and northern waziristan. but the northern area is one of the most inhospitable places that we have ever tried to fight, and that war continues from an altitude of 15,000 feet. again, a strike from an unmanned drone, taking out three suspected militants, reported just moments ago out of pakistan. we'll look for pho* information from the pentagon on that. juliet: another hot spot here in our own country, new investigations into the salary scandal involving city officials in the blue collar town of bell, california. >> this is a town where outraged residents forced out several city officials after the residents found out how much money these
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guys were being paid. the city manager, robert rizzo, was making $800,000 a year. that's twice as much as the president of the united states. now, california pension officials and the state attorney general are investigating, because as it turns out, rizzo stands to get $600,000 a year for the rest of his life. that would be the highest pension for a public employee in the state of california. bell, california. bill: good work if you can get it, huh? my gosh! they changed the charter for that town five years ago, there's no -- there's no local newspaper in bell, california. this is just under the radar for years. and folks found out about it. juliet: that's why they were nup arms. bill they said change it and they have actually, since then. -lz from colorado, a teenager offered a lesson in patriotism at a high school, when told he could not fly the american flag on his own truck, he stood up to say that's not right. ginger delgato from kber
9:37 am
reports now. >> i have the flag, and i usually roll it up. >> when 16-year-old jeremy stoppel bought these flags for his pickup truck he had no idea they would cause a problem. >> this is america, we have the right to put up what we want. >> or so he thought, until a school security officer at north glenn high school told him to take the flags down. saying they made some kids of different nationallal -- nationallals feel uncomfortable. >> it really is frustrating because i don't see the reasoning. it's not unsafe. i mean, i have it secured, it's not disrespecting the flag, it's not touching the ground. >> jeremy was so upset he took his complaint to the school principal. >> i thought this isn't going to fly with me. i thought i'm not going to let this happen. >> she told him it was simply a misunderstanding. >> so the school doesn't have any policy about flying american flags, in fact, we have one in every classroom, the main office, the auditorium, in the little theater, we have them in the haul ways upstairs.
9:38 am
so we promote the flying of american flags. >> the principal says she will talk to the secured garth,o guard, but in the meantime, jeremy is more than welcome to continue his public display of patriotism. >> me and my dad and my brother, i mean, that's what we do, i mean, like that's a family tradition. he's always had flags on his truck, my brother puts flags on his truck, i'm doing it on mine. >> ginger delgato from denver, kddr on that. that is like an american shot right there, right? on the back of a ford pickup truck, with two american flags! juliet: he has a relative in the military. it sounds like the security guard has too much time on his hands, too much of an ego. bill: he won his fight in colorado, good for him. robert gibbs, you remember a while back, right, he got some attention after talking to the professional left, nothinging president obama. as mr. gibbs was watching tv over the weekend, he heard more of that. why two leading liberal
9:39 am
commentators say the president lacks vision when it comes to running the country. a fair and balanced debate and whether or not those comments are fair, coming up here. juliet: weekend shoppers find themselves caught in the middle of an armed heist we'll talk to those who witnessed it all go down. >> we were in there and we heard three shots, and then like i jumped, and then like the lady, she came in and she was like everybody get down, there's a guy with the gun and i was going to get down but -- get down but my mom was like the kids, the kids!
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juliet: welcome back. a weekend air show in southern engineer phaepbdz in tragedy. police say the pilot of a bi-plane lost control short elive he -- after he took off, he slammed into a crowd of spectators. one woman was killed, 38 others were injured. the 68-year-old pilot escaped unharmed. five thousand people were there at that sunday air show. bill: we are hearing new shots, political shots being
9:43 am
fired in the obama administration this, time it's friendly fire. harsh criticism coming from liberal political watchers. first, paul krugman, "the new york times" columnist from abc on sunday morning. roll it here: >> obama has had no decision, he has not articulated a philosophy. what is obama's philosophy of government? he wonels between sounding like a liberal, then he says well, the conservatives have some points, too, he conceding the message. there's never been anything like what reagan did, which is to say w50e6 been -- we've been on the wrong track, we're going change things, you need to support us in this. bill: that's paul krugman of the "new york times". that's more -- there's more from where that came from. ang. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. bill: haeb labor day. what do we make of this, mark? what's going on? >> paul krugman is right. the economy has needed stimulus from the beginning.
9:44 am
it's like a car going uphill, republicans took the gas out of the tank and the cars started falling down fast. bill: that's not what he said, he said there was a lack of vision. >> what he said was when obama came in and poured stimulus into the tank and the car is sputtering up the hill and republicans are tying to stop the car, stop the economy. what he's saying, he needs to do what reagan did against the economy, needs to say we need to stay the course, we need to keep going, we need to keep going, stay the course, and fight against the republicans who are trying to stop the economy. bill: paul krugman, he was trying to say that in that comment? >> the bottom line is this: people keep blaming the republicans, obama is trying to be all things to all people and in the "new york times" reporter, he was not blaming the republicans, he was saying that obama does not have any vision. i can't be all things to all people, you have to make a stand, and now he wants to go on this economic road tour to try to save democrats in november and it's just not going to happen. too much, too little, too late. they're trying to throw
9:45 am
everything at the economy except for the kitchen sink instead of having a plan and mark your team needs to listen to the republicans instead of fighting against them. bill: hang on, let's finish this point. so you think the effort today in milwaukee, the effort in cleveland on ed, the press conference on friday, angela, has no effect? >> it has no effect whatsoever. because bill, the american people have been shouting out we need solutions, so obama blames bush, the democrats, they blame the republicans. now he comes up with a plan, but the american people are suffering, and they want change. and the change is going to come in november when republicans take over. bill: i want mark to weigh in on this. >> i want to know -- >> bill: then a clip from tom friedman which i think will surprise a lot of people too in a moment here. go ahead, mark. >> i just want to know what -- >> bill: okay. are you playing tom friedman first? >> no, to you. >> i want to know from angela what the republican plan is. they have no plan! obama, you're partly rite, angela, is talking both sides, he's trying to appeal to republicans but 24e have
9:46 am
no plan other than to destroy the economy. >> extend the bush tax cuts. another thing you should -- >> obama wants to do that! republicans don't. bill: finish your query. go ahead. >> we've been saying this, mark, for a very long time, now obama is listen something the american people didn't want health care. bill: angela. >> what? >> he is extending the tax cuts. bill: stand by. >> i want to answer your questions. it makes no sense. bill: tom friedman, new york tiles, listen closely here, same program: >> i think first, just as a reporter, a columnist in washington, we've never seen a worse communicating administration. just as a basic technical level of hey, we've got a good plan, maybe someone out there would be interested in writing about it. bill: communication issue, mark. isn't it ironic when the campaign for the white house was given so much credit for being so effective in that area? i mean, why has the wheel fallen off on this toeupbg and do you agree with friedman? >> i'll give you a example
9:47 am
of poor communication. angela said obama doesn't want to extend the bush tax cuts. anyone following this knows that obama wants to extend the -- >> i have -- >> i have -- >> i think you can agree with me, angela. i think you can agree. >> i -- >> hold on. obama wants us to extend not only the bush tax cuts but the obama tax cuts on 98 percent of american people. all he doesn't want to do is give a bailout to millionaires. and republicans are saying, what angela is saying, is unless you give a trillion dollars to millionaires, we're not going to help the middle class. bill: all right, all right, the bailouts to millionaires >> why give them tax cuts? bill: for a holiday, you guys are all right! at least you brought vigor today. angela, address it one at time. >> mark, you're not being fair here. at the end of the day, the bush tax cuts have helped the economy, will help the economy. we don't want to give bailouts to millionaires. but give the can me -- the economy a chance.
9:48 am
>> sure you do. >> we can't talking together you want the floor. go ahead. let's do a monologue. >> i just want to know what you support, extending the bush tax cuts on 98 percent of the american people which obama has prepossessed. >> if it's going to work. 98 percent of the american people have not been proven to work from the bush tax cuts. that's the problem with this administration, mark, they're trying to throw everything but the kitchen sing at this problem and what we need to do is deal with things that have worked in the past. bill: ten seconds from mark and angela, last comment, because i went to mark first. angela -- >> angela, you would oppose republicans filibustering and having the tax cuts extended. you'd oppose that. >> i'm opposed to any nonpartisanship. people need to work together mark, you guys are in control, you've had so much time to make things happen, that's why 70 percent of the american people disapprove of congress. bill: that will do it, angela, thank you, mark, thank you. >> thank you bill.
9:49 am
bill: spirited. juliet: we need to get them in the studio together. bill: now, that might be danger we're into there, trying that one! juliet: a nice little comment there. a dash cam catching this dramatic scene as it unfolds bill: hot pursuit in california, and i'm talking hot. oh hot. the california freeway chase that is now slowing. those are dogs and those are l.a.'s finest, trying to make sure that the dogs are okay. hey, during the commercial break, we want to know how concerned are you about your family's economic outlook in the coming year? we've had 700 votes in the first 30 minutes or so. go to fox, take our poll during the commercial. juliet and i are back on "america's newsroom" in three short minutes.
9:50 am
9:51 am
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9:53 am
bill: now i know you have been big fans of "america's newsroom" for several years now, and often times, we go to southern california, and pick up the latest freeway choice that -- chase that involves sometimes very bad people being chased by the l.a.p.d. today we have something truly unusual and unique and dare i say special? juliet: very bad canines. >> bill: these two dogs around the freeway and the l.a.p.d. responded in downey, california to help make sure they got across the road okay. juliet: i can't believe how fast they're running. they need to be hired! >> that was the picture in southern california at sun-up and the dogs are okay. we can't quite call in a fox news alert. we'll go easy on that. those two guys are doing all right. good for them. thanks to the police! keep it up. juliet: with millions of americans struggling to find work, the u.s. government is
9:54 am
spending millions to spur job creation in iraq. mol knee will o'clocks is live with more on how your tax dollars are being spent. mol knee? >> good morning, juliet. well, the unemployment rate, the just officials put it at 18 percent, unofficial estimates say it's as high as 30 percent and there are programs to lend to small businesses that should create jobs. this used to be a state-run economy and part of the goal is to unleash the power of the private sector. >> with temperatures still in the triple digits, demand is high for ak immediatezad services, he installs and repair's air conditioners at his western baghdad shop, he recently expanded his business and added staff after getting a $6000 loan, thanks to the u.s. agency for international development. >> before, there were only two workers, now, i have six workers. i bought more spare parts. >> reporter: medium and
9:55 am
small businesses and individual entrepreneurs can get the loans through iraqi banks and nonprofit organizations, even a few hundred dollars can make a difference. >> a small project needs someone to help him to continue this project or to the big more and more. we give him the help. >> why spend money creating jobs in iraq when we have our own problems with high unemployment at home? u.s. officials thinks it helps contribute to security. >> this is a critical time in iraq. stability in iraq is part of the strategic interests in iraq. >> the americans are brothers, they help us, they give us these loans. i will never forget this favor. >> reporter: since 2003, these programs have created 65,000 jobs, according to the u.s. total cost to the taxpayer, # on million dollars. they say that's modest, because this is a self-sustaining fund so the $80 million that is leveraged half a billion dollars in loans, interest
9:56 am
rates, 12-18 percent, though. back to you. juliet: malani, thank you very much. bill: labor day, the unofficial start to the end with the races between the house and senate. carl cameron is live with it all. that's the hint. carl is live. he is not there, julioo juliet. >> juliet: from capitol hill to main street, what's being done to jump start the economy on this labor day weekend. whether it's going to do any good. we've got the polls out for you. [meow] desperate for nighttime heartburn relief? for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms
9:57 am
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bill: happy labor day, america, officially kicking off the 2010
10:00 am
midterm campaign season and what could be america's largest labor day picnic, cincinnati, ohio, a field day for a exclusive candidates on the road to november. it is for real, now, good morning, everybody, i'm bill hemmer, live in "america's newsroom" and martha has the day off with the family and juliet huddy, looking at her blackberry. juliet: i was not distracted. i mean, i'm trying to keep in touch with all the important people. bill: great to be back with you. juliet: wonderful being here. hobby labor day to you, mama will be back later on this week and candidates, coast-to-coast using the national holiday to refire the engines on the road to november, and ohio as always, that's right the home town -- center stage for all the national politics. bill: and typically a strong vote for the labor mutual and they have been hurting in a big way and carl cameron is in cincinnati's east side and set the stage for us there. what is happening in ohio, as it reflects on the economy and maybe not just the mood of ohio,
10:01 am
but the mood that ripples across the country, right now. good morning. >> reporter: sure, hi, bill and juliet and everybody talked about how the election year will turn on jobs, and the economy. ohio is not just a political but also an economic bellwether for the country. and, here, just outside of cincinnati they have one of the biggest labor union picnics in the the country and last year when the president came they had over 10,000 people show up in the rain and expect even more folks here today, coming to celebrate the labor movement, now, labor day always sort of gets recognized as the kick off to the fall campaign and realistically the labor movement is more beholden and politicalcally interested in the democratic left and it is a big day for democrats to mobilize the ground movements and it is suffering because the unemployment rate is over 10% here and hit a high of 11% and now, 10.3, the 9th worst in the
10:02 am
country and to put it into perspective on a political scale, 600,000 people are out of work at the buckeye state and that is the equivalent of any tire congressional district and is a lot of hardship and when it comes to the campaign, you have what we refer to affection nael alternates as a trifecta -- affectionately as a trifecta, a competitive senatorial race and gubernatorial race and three competitive house races in which incumbent democrats are on the ropes and here on labor day kicking off the fall campaign, the labor union movement favoring the left and democrats recognizes the state is fertile soil for republican gains, not democrats. bill: and they are sending money, too, afl/cio, $40 million in labor spending and $50 million, other unions and the 15 seconds i have left, you were at and events, the same play, coney island, amusement, pa, barack
10:03 am
obama was there, how many people showed up and the expected turnout could be what, today. >> it will be huge. more than 10,000, and, all of your typical labor day fare, a lot of barbecue, a lot of beer in paper cups, and lots of folks from unions all over ohio, getting together to talk about their sort of kitchen table political issues. health care is a very big deal. some perspective on the labor union movement today, the labor union movement has taken a serious hit, manufacturing jobs and jobs in general have been squeezed and the afl/cio is going to spend $40 million this year, on campaign politics, and, afscme, the american federation of state, county and municipal employees will spend more than $50 million, $100 million from labor unions, poured in ostensibly to democratic campaigns this year. bill. bill: carl cameron live in cincinnati, ohio, enjoy the beautiful weather on this labor day. see you soon, carl.
10:04 am
juliet: president obama also on the campaign trail, heading to milwaukee, to pump his economic policies. his labor secretary, doing the morning talk show rounds saying anxious are moving in the right direction. -- saying things are moving in the right direction. >> the high number of unemployed is not acceptable and we know we have to work quickly and continue on a pathway to take is us out of the ditch and we know the last 8 months we have added 90,000 private sector jobs, each month. and that, i think is a good indication that we are slowly moving to correcting the bad situation that we were in. juliet: kelly wright is live at the white house with the latest. good seeing you. >> reporter: good to see you. juliet: what are they rolling out today. >> reporter: the president is busy traveling to milwaukee today and will tell the american people about the jobs, that they are not coming fast enough and he's not satisfied and wants to do something about it and basically is proposing to do something about it but, first, jump starting what is going on within the nation's roadways and railways as well as the
10:05 am
highways, and, even, air traffic control. including the air traffic control system and the plan would build on the investments that have already been made under the recovery act and here's what is happening with the president's proposal. the president's plan hopes congress will shol over the next six years to build 150,000 miles of roads and renewing the commitment to the backbone of the transportation system in america, and, also, improve railways, construct and maintain 4,000 miles of rail, enough to go coast-to-coast increasing amtrak service as well and to also, rehabilitate or reconstruct runways, about 150 miles of runways to be exact while putting in place the next generation system that will reduce travel time and that would be the improvement of the air traffic control system and this is one way the president hopes will create not only job growth, for now and jump start the economy but, also, create future job growth. juliet? juliet: kelly wright.
10:06 am
i want to ask... bill: there is good reason the white house is out in force on the economy, three events this week, monday, wednesday and friday at the white house. and, the midterms hang in the balance, according to the latest polling, people out there are worried, julie bandaras live in our newsroom in new york city. what are they telling us? julie, good morning. >> well, bill, good morning. the white house is hoping infrastructure plans president obama is announcing this afternoon will jump start the economy ahead of the november elections, and that is hope to, they'll free up some -- create jobs back and americans want that to happen and the latest fox news opinion dynamics poll shows unemployment weighing heavily on voters' minds with 43% extremely concerned about losing their jobs, the obama administration promising new proposal would put construction workers, electricians and welders, back to work. infrastructure jobs, were a big part of obama's $800 billion stimulus plan, so do americans think it is working
10:07 am
our latest poll shows the majority, 57%, do not. that is just over 1 in 3. 37%, think the stimulus plan helped the economy, so far, and, there has been some discussion as well about whether the $800 billion plan was not big enough to give the economy the boost it needs. 24% of those polled say they'd like the government to spend more on another one, 70% would not. the white house insists, though, a second stimulus plan is not in the work. when asked if the obama administration has made the economy better or worse, 47% say, it is worse, 36% say it is better. but, few feel we would have fared any better under john mccain. just over half says that the economy would be the same today, if john mccain were president. this is true of democrats, republicans and independents alike. and of course we'll be carrying president obama's remarks about his new infrastructure plan this afternoon, at 3:00 p.m., eastern time, right here, on fox.
10:08 am
bill. bill: thank you, julie bandaras with us here in new york. juliet: the rate of foreclosure is so high in florida they are setting up a special court to deal with them and the state routinely accepts new records for foreclosures and the second quarter just over 20% of the mortgages were delinquent, or in foreclosure. that is a national high. florida law requires the banks to argue their cases before a judge, if they want to recover property from borrowers and default. and, 471,000 such cases were pending in florida, at the end of july. bill: home loan deja vu, remember, no money down home loans which helped spark the housing melt down and might be coming back in a different variation, a program called affordable advantage, allowing families to buy homes using a grant that would cover closing costs and insurance on the home. the loans are 30 year fixed mortgages with mandatory home ownership counseling and the buyers have to put in a thousand dollars and must live in the
10:09 am
home. novel idea. right now, idaho, massachusetts, minnesota, and wisconsin offer this type of loan. juliet: it can't be a summer home in the hamptons. no. no. no. it doesn't work that way. we'll take a closer look at the economic plan coming out of the white house just in time for labor day but is it already too late. bill: it was like something out of a hollywood thriller and the victims definitely not extras on a movie set. roll this and listen. >> next thing i know i see the employee just yelling at us, get down, there is a guy weather a gun and i'm like, my god and the kids, i couldn't find mike and jerome, they were at the front... bill: she was one of many, attention, shoppers, there is chaos at walmart. juliet: and, burst into flames and driver trapped behind the wheel, today he's alive and kicking and we'll tell you how it all went down. ♪ ♪ someone saved my life
10:10 am
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juliet: welcome back, a terrifying scene at an arizona walmart, shoppers in glendale, getting caught in the middle of an armored car heist, police shot the bank guard before fleeing and the chaos sent a stampede of people charging for the exits. listen: >> but then i'm walking in the aisle and saw the lady in the blue, an employee at walmart, yelling, everyone get down! there is a person with a gun! and, then that is when i went into panic mode and i freaked out... juliet: luckily, police say the guard's injuries were not life-threatening and police are now on the lookout for the suspect. he's described as an african-american man, in his 20s with dredlocks. bill: not what you expect when you go shopping. the president will roll out his
10:14 am
economic agenda, for labor day and you will see it later today on the fox news channel and unemployment is hovering just under 10% and the republicans expected to gain ground in the midterm elections, it is a big deal, politics aside, though, will the president's new proposal help the chart behind me? go back to april '08, two-and-a-half years ago, unemployment was at 5.0% and the good old days in april of '08 and december of 2009 at 10% and a tick below that, august, 2010 of 9.6%, and stephen moore is the economic writer for the "wall street journal." good morning to you and, this labor day what is the better topic than talking about labor in america. look the president will roll out big ideas, today, and wednesday, and at a press conference at the white house on friday and your view, are they big enough, stephen. >> bill, they are big ideas and just are not new ideas, as i look at the reports of what the
10:15 am
president will say, more infrastructure spending and targeted tax cuts it is exactly what we have been doing the last year-and-a-half and what is interesting about the chart you showed us, the rise in the minim unemployment rate is one of the most important dates, january/february, '09 was about 8% and that was before we spent the trillion dollars of the stimulus money and spent all of the money and have an unemployment rate closer to 10% and i would say the prima facie evidence that the stimulus spending of a trillion dollars has not worked and -- it would be a mistake. bill: sorry to interrupt you, i'd have economists coming on the air and saying, look it had impact and had we not done it we'd be worse than we are now. do you buy the fact that the economy is yet growing again, may not be nearly as quickly as you or i or anybody else wanted it to, certainly not the white house, but is it growing at the moment? >> yes, it is growing but growing at a very anemic pace and what i would say to those people like paul krugman and others who say we should have
10:16 am
spent more or the economy would have been worse, look i looked at the last five or six recessions, bill and at this stage of the business cycle, usually we have 4, 5, 6% growth and one of the most amazing things is back in 1982-1983 when president reagan was getting us out of the last big great recession we had, we had 8% growth and so i think we should expect better and when the president says we should spend more money on infrastructure, bill that is exactly what the stimulus plan was supposed to do. remember the in term, bill, used so much, january/february of last year, shovel-ready projects and those were the very projects you want to spend more money on tad. bill: do you think you can get it through or is it something you throw into the arena of public ideas. >> you know what is really interesting about the battle that is brewing between the republicans and the democrats, when i talked to republicans, both in congress and those who are running for congress, who are likely to win, they want to cut government spending, bill. they think the problem -- and i agree -- is too much spending and too much debt and too much
10:17 am
deficit and there will be a big clash of philosophies between the republicans and democrats, not just for the next couple of months but for the next couple of years. bill: one other thing we'll hear a lot of about and that is to give tax breaks to businesses who wants to put more money into r&d and seems like everybody is cool with that idea. republicans and democrats? do you have a problem with it? >> i'm not hostile to the idea but it's not where you get the most bang for the buck. what we ought to do is cut the corporate tax rate, we have the second highest tax on businesses in the world and, that makes it difficult for american corporations to compete and take the rate from 40% to 25%, rather than the griimmicky tax cuts. bill: what is the chance of that happening. >> if the republicans take congress that will be a priority -- paul volcker -- >> you still have a veto in the white house. >> but what is interesting, not a lot of people paid attention to, paul volcker a week ago came
10:18 am
out with the president's tax reform and his own panel and he said to cut the corporate tax and maybe there is some proponents of that even in the white house. bill: okay. stephen, thanks for coming in on labor day. appreciate it. >> have a great labor day. see you soon. bill: on the topic, steve and our folks at home, we're asking what you think, how concerned are you about your family's economic outlook in the coming year? huge response, well over 2,000 votes, so far, 95% of you say you are very concerned. you can still weigh in, go to our web site and take our poll, on-line, right now. 95%. wow. juliet, what is coming up. juliet: tempers are flaring again over the plans for a mosque near ground zero and new protests with supporters speaking out. >> it is all too easy to be frightened of the unfamiliar, but what we have learned in our 200-plus year history is that this too shall pass, these people will become familiar, they are americans like all other americans...
10:19 am
juliet: and opponents not holding back, fueling rallies and taking to the streets for the one of the most controversial issues facing the country. bill: as america tries to help advance middle east peace talks, the president of iran being told to butt out. but not by the u.s. figure that one out. we will in a few moments. glade lasting impressions.
10:20 am
10:21 am
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10:22 am
bill: we've seen a new round of protests against plans for a new mosque near ground zero and this is the scene at stat in island, in new york, yesterday and out spoken congressman peter king joining 100 people at the rally calling the developers to move their designs to a new site in
10:23 am
new york. >> if you are a mother or a father and you have children, how skou possibly want to build a mosque and dance on the grave of the children who are lost on 9/11? while we are still crying on their graves? >> this action today is dividing people. it is dividing patriots like myself, with other people, who have been fear mongered and brainwashed into thinking that there is an evil act being done, evil act, is fear mongering and hatred. bill: another demonstration in lower manhattan, one day after reports of a questionable deal that led to the sale of the proposed site. that issue continues in new york, and across the country. juliet: brand new surveillance video of a weapons facility that is not supposed to exist. the israeli defense forces get a bird's eye view of a fire at a warehouse in southern lebanon believed to be a stash of
10:24 am
hezbollah power fire and mahmoud ahmadinejad tells iran's president to butt out of peace talks with israel and -- mahmoud abbas tells mahmoud ahmadinejad the president of iran, to butt out of peace talks. what does it mean for the region. >> reporter: it brings up issues, first, where it happened in southern lebanon is a place hezbollah fighters are not supposed to be and any weapons cache would be a clear violation of u.n. resolutions, designed to end the lebanon war and second of all what you don't see in the video, nobody is trying to put the fire out, as soon as the explosion happened, you see a bunch of guys carrying stuff out of the house, the israeli military says those are missiles that hezbollah was trying to get out of the house. you also don't see the lebanese army or the united nations peace-keeping force up there, any e where around, and that goes to what the israelis say, it is hezbollah, not the lebanese government that actually controls lebanon. juliet: and how are things going
10:25 am
with peace talks for palestinians in the west bank, and in gaza. >> reporter: the rollercoaster that seems to be the middle east peace process, juliet, is going downhill and appears to be gain speed, the past 24 to 48 hours the israeli foreign minister says he doesn't think there will be a peace deal this year, this decade or next decade and as for the palestinians, a leader there called p.m. netanyahu a nut job and what we are seeing is the hard line parts of both parties are playing it out in the media and everybody talks about what is said in the newspapers rather than the real issues, and it's not a good combination. juliet: not exactly what everyone hoped for, leland vi vitter, thanks for the report. bill: was the iraq war worth it. what tony blair says as he looks back on his decision to go after saddam hussein and breaking news... why he has cancelled an appearance in london, england. coming up. juliet: and lindsay lohan, back
10:26 am
in the news for all of the wrong reasons. her latest mishap, and the possible legal fallout but there is a twist to the story. hold on before we jump to any conclusions, bill! [ manager ] you know... i've been looking at the numbers, and i think our campus is spending too much money on printing. i'd like to put you in charge of cutting costs.
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10:29 am
juliet: welcome back to
10:30 am
"america's newsroom," torrential rains causing mud slien s cauti guatemala, 38 killed on the highways and more than 60 others are missing, and, a iranian woman convicted of adultery was sentenced to death by stoning and now due to international outcry she'll be lashed instead and thousands of evacuations in the wake of a powerful earthquake in new zealand, and the earthquake turned the soft ground into liquid. bill: a "fox news alert," more on this, we mentioned before the break, the british prime minister, former prime minister, tony blair, has cancelled a book signing in london. the reason, security threats being cited, saying his appearance would cost the police force too much money and be extra work to try and keep him okay. the former prime minister is currently on a book tour and protesters showed up at a recent signing and upset with blair's decision to join this u.s.
10:31 am
invasion of iraq, back in march of 2003. and blair is getting a lot of questions about that. he writes extensively about his logic in the book, and, he was explaining that decision with a british interviewer. listen here: >> when you take the risk of allowing him to do that, we know what he did before, he developed them and used them and now, you may say we could have used sanctions and contained him, fine, you can take that view. but i took the view then and i take it now, that with this man, and the hundreds of thousands of people who died under him it wasn't worst leaving the risk in place and i think we are about to face the same issue with respect to iran, the issue is do you take the risk of a man like that, who has been responsible for what he has been responsible for, having the possibility of weapons that, as we saw, in that day, these people will not kill 3,000, they could kill 30 or 300,000. >> and talking about -- >> not a risk i would run.
10:32 am
bill: blair was also asked in a different interview if he's finished with british politics and his response is, it is more likely politics is finished with me. tony blair. on tour. juliet: pay attention, this is important stuff: bill hemmer... new problems for lindsay lohan, two eye witnesses telling tmz, he clipped a woman pushing a stroller before driving off in her maserati but it is important to note there is no police report filed and one of the witnesses talking is also reportedly a freelance paparazzo, and sometimes those guys are shady, as you now, bill and he reportedly sold the video to a web site and they are asking a lot of questions but the fact remains, if you are advising lindsay lohan and advising paris hilton, britney, wouldn't you tell them to get a driver, and roger cohen is a criminal defense attorney and we brought him into discuss the heady subject. first of all, let's talk quickly
10:33 am
about the situation, she finds herself in again and it seems to be a shady, such a shady story. >> it is -- there are holes in the story, certainly. in terms of how it went down, he didn't get actual footage of her hitting anyone and he got footage after the fact, and didn't call the police and the police report wasn't made, and the woman never made a complaints, and, i mean, there are a lot of holes in the story and tends to lean towards that, it's not exactly how he described it, but that being said, you know, it is always, with every story, it is allegations, she's not coming forward and saying anything and he said she pulled over at some point and she didn't actually leave the scene, she stayed there for a minute or two, i guess the lady walked off was the story and no one reported it. so, there's a lot of holes here. juliet: she just got out of jail and the facility she went to after jail and this is a girl who has been troubled and when you have a girl in a situation like that, and you have a paris
10:34 am
hilton now who has been arrested for cocaine, the cocaine incident and vegas, and these girls, you know, this is not the first time they've been in trouble with the law, why are they getting behind steering wheels, first of all, and you know, wouldn't you advise them, get a driver, honey, get your bodyguards to drive, keep yourself away from the steering wheel? >> i have had this discussion with high profile clients and said the exact same thing and i think sometimes it is a power play and they don't want to be chained to call to the car service and wait for one and they want to get into their cars and go and when they leave a restaurant want to get into their car and go and i say, it is against better judgments to do that. especially, if you are on probation, or you are going to a club, always, it is best because the paparazzi will look for something and if they don't find something they may make something happen and could cut your car off and do a lot of things to make it looks like you
10:35 am
are the shady one and is always best to have a driver. in california there is a service that provides drivers and they take off on little scooters they keep in the trunk and there are a lot of options and i always suggest that and my law firm had a service where we provided lawyers at night, you know, first year associates would hang out with them the whole night and make sure bills were correct and they were all right. and stayed objections but, it is tough to get them to go along with things like that. juliet: not surprisingly. they want to be alone. >> yes. juliet: thanks for shedding on this very very, serious subject. bill: from great britain, they are shooting down rumors of a wedding between prince william and kate middleton and is england ready to roll out the carpet, amy kellogg, true or not? what is happening? >> reporter: endless speculation about when the prince will ask his long time sweetheart to marry him and of course we don't know that he is going to do
10:36 am
that, but, it is widely presumed that he will. the latest, though, speculation, in the rumor mill is that his girlfriend, kate middleton is going to have to wait a bit longer for him to pop the question because prince william is about to graduate from a search and rescue pilot course and he is supposedly going to be living in a military barracks, so it looks like this may all drag on a bit longer, and the british press has rather cruelly, bill, named her weighty katie because she is perceived as someone who is waiting around to be asked to get married after 7 years of dating and it is presumed they will and next year is actually most widely expected to be the year and a leading bookie stopped taking bets on the year of the royal wedding. rather, now, they are taking bets about the month. and, bill, on the honey moon destination. >> the big mover in the market went from 33, to the second favorite and the reason being, i understand, that kate has told
10:37 am
friends in the past that if she could choose anywhere or do anything on her honeymoon is what she wants to do and other than that you have vegas, 100 to one, to i think florida, disneyland and 250-to-1. >> magazines here started dressing kate middleton, suggesting possible wedding dresses, and experts have their ideas about the venue with many putting their money on st. george's castle and it would be less accessible to the media and more private than prince william's parents wedding was and an expert says given there are so many royal divorces in the past generation marriage may be viewed as less of a focal point of royal life and we don't know about many of this. there is also talk that if a royal wedding happens soon and these are still recessionary times it would likely be a more low keyed affair and that said there are people who say, the prince and kate middleton are social people and want a raucous night of dancing and lots of friend and the guest list is another interesting part of the
10:38 am
picture, that is being speculated about, since prince william is not the heir to the throne but the heir to the heir, prince charles is still the heir to the throne, he would not have to invite every single head of state in the commonwealth, but, bottom line is, bill, we simply don't know, as i said, bookies say 2011 is the year and if it doesn't happen next year, bill it is most likely, experts say, going to be 2013. because 2012, 2012 is chock-full of high-profile events in london, from the queen's diamond jubilee to the olympics. bill? bill: sometimes the odds makers are right. sometimes they are not. 50/50, thanks, amy. >> reporter: sometimes they're not. bill: at the palace in central london. juliet: you looked like you were rolling your eyes and, you are not interested in the royals, don't care about the wedding? bill: i wish them the best of luck, in that -- juliet: do you really. bill: takes her hand in marriage
10:39 am
and they have wonderful, beautiful, healthy children. juliet: girls like this kind of stuff, let's be honest, some guys do, too, not you, though, across the pond, the black widow eating contest taking top prize at a chicken wing competition in above fair value floesh -- and sonia thomas, ate 118 wings in 12 minutes and beat joe chestnut and beat joey chestnut, bill! the 5'tall, 105 pound thomas is known that's black widow because she beats out larger competitors, and, she'll be a guest on "happening now". bill: i don't think she's hungry. i think she got her fill. well done. in a moment, strong words from arizona senior center about the state of our southern border. did you hear this. >> we have to get our borders secured and anybody who doesn't think so, come to arizona and visit the southern part of my
10:40 am
state. i'd love for the president to come and visit the border, unfortunately, he has not -- had time to do so. bill: that out stretched hand from president -- john mccain, to president obama, come on, check out the border! what the president might see, says senator mccain if he were there today. juliet: a wild scene on a skwooit streequiet street, why folks are afraid to look out their window, coming up next.
10:41 am
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10:44 am
time of year again, time to get your flu shot and we'll have dr. manny with us and he'll tell us how many shots, what kind of shots, who should be having the shots and everything you need to know about that, coming up on "happening now." bill: fox news weather alert, the national hurricane center says watches have been issued for parts of mexico, and the coast of texas, a tropical storm hermine, and getting ready and stronger by the moment and we'll show you the radar there, and let you know, the latest from the hurricane center and janice dean i believe is on tap in 25 minutes and we'll check with jd and a shooting in durham, north carolina leaving ten people in the house injured and witnesses say a car driving by in the middle of the night opened fire and the next-door neighbor of one of the victims, as he saw it: >> it was just loud gun shots, between ten to 12 gun shots and i was just scared, so i got up, and, then i started hearing people running down the street,
10:45 am
screaming. bill: two injuries considered serious and not clear what started the shooting, investigators recovered a gun, about a block away. a block away from the house now being investigated. juliet: check out the bloodbath on the border, the invite from john mccain to president obama. after a fresh round of deadly drug violence, in mexico. mexico's military saying soldiers killed at least 30 suspected cartel members, just over the period of two days, and last week more than 70 migrants were murdered and dumped not far from the border, arizona's senior senator now saying he'd love the president to visit because, so far, quote, he not had time. >> immigration, look, if anybody has not seen what is going on south of our border, they have been oblivious to the terrible, table struggle that is going on down there. 28,000 mexican citizens being killed, murders taking place, just south of our border, the invasions and the insecurity and the -- in the southern part of
10:46 am
our state. >> former chief of operations for the u.s. drug enforcement administration joins us now. thanks very much for coming in on a labor day. we hear about these ranchers and border agents themselves being attacked. the sense from senators mccain, obviously this is his territory, is dire and it gets more dire by the moment. what is your take? is that correct. >> the situation is dire, julie. as the senator said there are 28, close to 29,000 drug related murders in mexico over the last three years and there were 300 beheadings in mexico, just last year alone and when was the last time you heard about one in iraq, or in afghanistan? so, just to put that into perspective. with that said, president calderon and the mexican government are doing a lot of things right. they are pressuring the cartels
10:47 am
in a sustained way and a very systematic approach to breaking their barks once and for all, so, there are a lot of kudos that need to be heap on president calderon and the mexican government. juliet: what about our own administration, kudos for the obama administration, recently they said they've directed unprecedented resources to the border and said the southwest border is more secure than ever before, would you say the situation there is better under the current administration? >> well, i mean, listen, the statistics speak for themselves. the vast majority of the violence, thankfully, is taking place on the southern side of the border, rather than on our side of the border. but there, are some things that really concern me. the cartels spend hundreds of
10:48 am
lions millio millions of dollars corrupting every part of governments in mexico and anyone who thinks they don't have their eyes on our country and security institutions they couldn't be more wrong, that is something that really concerns me, that i think this administration and, you know, future stragsz, because this is not going to go away overnight, need to pay a great deal of attention to. juliet: all right, we have to take a... this is the end of the interview, i'm sorry, i can't get that out, thanks for joining us today, appreciate it. >> thank you. bill: breaking news on the case involving the death of john travolta and the extortion matter in the bahamas, we'll get to that in a moment and brave cops save the day, the unbelievable rescue is next.
10:49 am
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bill: break, news out of nassau, bahamas, remember the case where john travolta, the actor, his son was killed in the bahamas. a judge in the bahamas dropped charges against two people accused of trying to extort money from him and his family after the death of his teenaged son. the prosecutor made the request at the... after the actor and this family encouraged the prosecutor to do that. apparently, it caused the travolta family unbelievable stress and they wanted to put the matter behind them and from the beginning, that seemed to be the feeling on behalf of the family and they've now made the request, and the judge in the bahamas has grants the request with the charges being dropped for extortion surrounding the death of john travolta's son. juliet: she georgia sheriffs deputies getting high praises after saving the life of a man trapped in a burning car, all caught on dashcam video.
10:53 am
george franco from fox affiliate waga in atlanta has the report: >> the flames were shooting in every direction that's buick regal burned with the man inside when the deputy first arrived. >> i got my fire extinguisher out of the car and started knocking down the flames. >> reporter: the deputy said the passer by arrived before he did and couldn't get inside the car and within a minute after his arrival, two deputies also came on scene. and this was on 317, on the southbound lane of i-75 in gordon county and this broke out windows to reach the struggling driver. 22-year-old deputy cochrane is a rookie. >> this was your second night on patrol. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: what does that tell you. >> never thought, second night i would get something that intense. >> reporter: how intense was it? what was going on. >> just the flames and having
10:54 am
somebody in the car and you know, knowing you had to get him out. >> reporter: they did, rushing to the passenger side of the car because the driver's side was bents and damaged, preventing them from reaching the motorist and, the deputies busting out the window, dragging the 56-year-old to safety. >> was it deputy teamwork at its finest. >> all three working together to save the man's life. >> i can't express how proud i am of the deputies. >> reporter: the sheriff says the deputies were on the scene three minute after getting the call and rescue crews arrived a few minutes after that. and they rushed the burned motorist to the hospital, hurt, but alive, thanks to the efforts of the deputies. >> are you guys heros? >> we're doing our job, trying to save lives. juliet: the sheriffs office tells us the driver is recovering at a hospital in chattanooga and the sheriff says the three deputies will be recognized for their heroic actions at an awards ceremony in december. second night. bill: well done, huh? amazing video, too.
10:55 am
we were asking earlier what you think, and how concerned you are and we are getting a huge response on-line, close to 4,000 votes so far and 96% of whom say you are very concerned. you can still weigh in and go to"america's newsroom" and take our nonscientific poll and that is pretty much reflecting what we showed on friday afternoon when our other polling came out, about how concerned you are with the economy and the state of your own financial situation, the future for your family. so, 96% at the moment, close to 4,000 votes in the past hour and 55 minutes, that is a significant response. juliet: i think that does reflect what most the country is feeling. i mean, depending on who you talk to. all righty, a shocking new report about the taliban, apparently they are paid for every american life they take and guess what country is putting a price on the heads of our u.s. troops. bill: up next on happening now and what is two feet tall and weighs 22 pounds and cuts the rug like fred astaire?
10:56 am
juliet: this is hysterical. bill: stay tuned, you'll see it. juliet: my friend was telling me about this. of one financial company that grew stronger through the crisis. when me lost their way, this company led the way. by protecting clies and turning uncertainty into confidence. what if that story were true? it is. ♪
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bill: # four years old, 2 feet tall. this is the world's shortest man, edward hernandez, now official, according to guinness, the folks who write the records, a shade over 27 inches high, weighs 22 pounds, hasn't grown since he was two years young. lives in the country of colombia and doctors don't have reason as to why his growth is so stunted but he is officially according to guinness the shortest man on the plan the. -- planet. we are going to run, you guys have a great labor day, get out there with family an friends, have a picnic, enjoy all the great stuff here. we have great weather. juliet: we do! bill: labor away! try not to labor today. we'll catch you tomorrow. "happening now" starts right now
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